Friday, 19 December 2014

Tamworth to Home

Yes readers, I know I said there would be no post today, but we do have Internet because we are home!  We set off this morning early heading for Wallangarra, but decided that as we would be getting there at about 10:30am and we didn't feel like sitting around in a field twiddling our thumbs all day, we would go the whole hog and just go home.  We got home at about 3:45pm, just unpacked the essentials, the rest can wait until tomorrow.

It was a nice drive from Tamworth along the New England Highway and in contrast to our previous drives everything looked green and lush.

So this is the last part of the blog, thanks people who have been following it, and until our next trip, it's bye from us.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dubbo to Tamworth

Change of plan folks. We decided that if we traveled via Tamworth & New England Highway, we could get home on Saturday. So we said let's go for it!

Here we are in Tamworth, it was quite hot when we arrived, we had lunch then went to the supermarket. When we came out it was pissing down, big thunderstorm. I realised I had left the hatch up on the van, so we jumped in the car and raced back to the caravan. Of course we were too late, so here we are trying to dry things out now that the rain has gone.

There will be no blog post for tomorrow as there will be no Internet. So the next and final post will be from home.

West Wyalong to Dubbo

We had a 7:00am start and set off for Dubbo. Boy, that double shot ice coffee is a life saver! A very hot day 38C again so it was a bit of a tedious drive, but we got to Dubbo well before lunch. We got set up then went into town to get supplies and were disappointed to find that the Aldi here didn't sell liquor. We have changed plans and are heading for Tamworth in the morning.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Wodonga to West Wyalong

We left early again after a wild night of thunderstorms. The lightning started a fire near Wondonga West, which was burning out of control and threatening homes, but rain dampened it down. Very hot today and very strong winds so the trip was a bit demanding. No photos today, but we are set up in a nice caravan park in West Wyalong and have picked the most sheltered site in the park. Off to Dubbo tomorrow.

Bendigo to Albury/Wodonga

Murray at Albury
We got away quite early this morningfor the 306km drive to Wodonga.  We went through Shepparton and stopped for morning tea at Benalla, getting to our destination, Wodonga Showgrounds at midday.

When we were set up we went and had lunch, then drove through to Albury and had a walk by the Murray River.

After dinner now (and a few drinks of course) and packed up readt to roll again in the morning.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bendigo (Lazy Day)

We are having a very lazy day in Bendigo today. I am so tired as I didn't sleep well last night and we have decided it might be a bit risky driving while I am so tired. So we'll add another day to our trip and will probably get home on 22 December.


We did the tourist thing today in Bendigo. We caught the bus into town and went to the information centre where we booked a ride on the historic tram.  
The tram ride was great, hard wooden seats, lovely old tram. We got off at the Deborah Gold Mine and had a look around although we chose not to do the underground tour.  We had lunch at Beechworth Bakery and enjoyed a Ned Kelly pie.  In the afternoon we completed the tram ride, lots of historic buildings, we had a look at the tramways depot where there were lots of old trams some restored, others in varying degrees of completion